CAMELTOWN is not just another production company. CAMELTOWN is a collective with a lively, worldwide network realizing our dreams and yours. We produce documentaries, after movies and events. We bring people together, believe in next level things that matter and if you are nice, we might shoot your wedding too.


CAMELTOWN has produced internationally awarded documentaries and has sold its work to television channels reaching millions of people worldwide. The last four years CAMELTOWN has been focusing on conflict areas, psychedelic gatherings and transformational festivals.


CAMELTOWN has been shooting teasers, after movies, commercials, video clips  around the globe. We shoot for big events and music festivals as well. Our field of interest is very diverse. From commercials to journalism and from art through activism into artivism.


CAMELTOWN organises expositions, screenings, parties, lectures, workshops, concerts and… parades.


Natia is Cameltowns newest citizen and our talented production assistant. In between coordinating events and promotion for Cameltown she is preparing a documentary about …

Jan Beddegenoodts is the director of ‘The taste of freedom’, ‘Thank God It’s Friday’, ‘Charlie goes to Burning Man’ and founder of CAMELTOWN. …

Adje is head of communication in CAMELTOWN. She has skills in editing, strategic communications, coaching, volunteer recruitment and in spreading CAMELTOWN’s fire worldwide. …

Niel is a cameraman / editor who has been shooting in Uganda, Indonesia, Tanzania and co-created the award winning documentary Thank God It’s Friday. …

Jonas is a performer who studied dance in Portugal and cycled from Berlin to Palestine. Jonas leads the choreography of the moving Europe Parades. …


In 2015 CAMELTOWN will be organising Pop up expostions in Amsterdam, Riga, Athens, Berlin, Lisbon and Reykjavic and we will be shooting in South-africa, Croatia and at the Burningman Festival. In between we will blogging for your pleasure.


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Want to Brainstorm? In need for a video-production? Craving for a CAMELTOWN adventure? You are welcome to CAMELTOWN anytime to have a coffee with us. Leave a message and we’ll write back as soon as possible.

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